We provide Housekeeping Services for office, Industries, hotels, hospitals etc.
Our housekeeping services are focused to ensure visual as well as hygienic cleaning of our client’s premises all the time. Our Housekeeping Services guarantees maintenance of your office premises, bringing in hygiene by a scientific approach and best in class housekeeping service processes from small office complexes to large open spaces like party lawns, rooftops, pool areas and much more.


*  Cleaning of staircases
*  Sweeping of the floors
*  Moping of the floors
*  Cleaning of the toilets
*  Glass cleaning
*  Vacuum Cleaning
*  Dusting
*  Brass polishing
*  Cleaning pantries
*  Removal of litter and waste management
*  Replenishment of toilet supplies
*  Cleaning and disinfecting telephones
*  Table and chair dusting
*  Cleaning of blends
*  Room freshener spraying and
*  Misc Housekeeping activity

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