We provide Armed Security Guards to customers who require high-security coverage, such as Financial Institutions, ATM’s, Jewelers and so on.These security guards hold government licensed firearms and are rigorously trained to respond to unusual or emergency situations at the customer’s site using the appropriate escalation of force level / armed response as per established protocol.

Education requirements for armed guards can vary from one employer to another. Some companies only require a high school diploma or a GED, while others, particularly those looking to hire security supervisors, may prefer to hire applicants with a college degree in criminal justice or police science. Armed guards must also participate in weapons training, and their use of firearms and periodic testing of their skills are often required. Many employers will also train guards in their own specific protocol, such as emergency procedures, proper communication and the process of detaining suspected criminals when required. Some companies also require guards to have technical and computer skills so that they can master surveillance systems and software.

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