Customized Security Analysis & Plan

A special and unique aspect of Security service is the Comprehensive Security Analysis which includes Security Risk Analysis, Security Crisis Management and Security Audit which would result in a Customized Security Plan. A detailed report of internal and external security requirements of your premises will be presented. Our efforts will be to improve surveillance of parameters within the existing resources, wherever possible. The aim ought to be not to merely increase the number of guards but to increase efficiency by use of technical means, by increased surveillance, as also by making more efficient use of existing security setup.Executive Protection, Facilities Management, Antecedent Verification, Security Escorts Duties, Verification Services for specific sectors, event security management, etc are the other services being provided by BSS to name a few.


Security Services is fully equipped to Train Security guards from other firms and agencies and certify them, provided they meet our stringent recruitment standards.

In-House Control & Supervision

Security strictly believes and relies on accountability and discipline since they form the core strength of the physical security aspect. “Peer Reporting” and “Mutual Assessment” system are being successfully practiced at Security. The system of submitting reports by Supervisors and Security Officers coupled with surprise security checks are our strengths.We maintain stringent regulatory and statutory compliance.

Industries Security

Special Event Security

Personal Security

Commercial Establishments

Educational Institution

Shopping Complex

Hotel Industries

Bank / Atm Security


Training forms the core strength of the security industry and in specific to Bharatheeyam, where training and acquired skills …


Loyalty to the work undertaken irrespective of the hazards and hurdles and ensuring its completion on priority is the objective of Security Service…


Integrity regarding the work of the client is yet another important facet, which the personnel has been trained not to disclose to…


Confidentiality regarding the work of the client is yet another important facet, which the personnel have been trained not to disclose to…

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